Eguana Down Under


Eguana Technologies is pleased to announce the launch of its Evolve Energy Storage product into the Australian market.  Australia has quickly grown to rival Germany as the leading global energy storage market and latent demand for larger, flexible storage solutions has resulted in widespread interest in the Evolve product. 

While Australia's alignment with European grid standards has resulted in availability of a range of German and Chinese product, the market needs in terms of product capability are actually more closely aligned with those in the United States.  Eguana's platform is globally certified and this allows us to offer our full range of solutions to all markets, and the Evolve product with 5kW power and flexible capacity from 13-39kWh is a perfect fit for the Australian market.

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To build brand presence in Australia and ensure access to marketing insight and business development opportunities, Eguana has joined Australia's Smart Energy Council and will begin its print and digital market campaign through the Council.  The Council has been instrumental in shaping the development of Australia's energy storage market, with a particular focus on product knowledge and education to make sure that early deployments result in success stories from all sides.  Eguana will be participating in the Smart Energy Council's product training roadshows across the country to engage with installers and build a base of raving fans who recognize and will evangelize the simplicity and flexibility of the Evolve energy storage system to their customers and colleagues.

To provide customers with the best control and cost saving options in Australia's rapidly developing energy storage market, Eguana has partnered with distributed energy control experts SwitchDin LLC of Newcastle, NSW to provide the EMS controls and monitoring for the Evolve energy storage system.  SwitchDin supports the full range of capabilities from optimized self-consumption and time of use management, to grid services through demand response and VPP capabilities that are currently being demonstrated as part of utility pilot projects.  With the first systems up and running already saving customers money every day, Eguana’s Evolve is poised to make its mark in Australia!